Frequently Asked Questions

To order an online Subscription or Pay-per-View (PPV) service you need to first create an Account and then enter payment information. Upon selecting a Package you will be asked to create an Account. Note that creating an Account does not require any payment details. Once you select a package, you will be required to enter in payment information. Please review your order carefully before completing your purchase. You will receive an email confirmation of your transaction.

IMPORTANT: Before purchasing services, users are advised to view the CFL International Service promotional stream. If you cannot see the demonstration stream playing, your device is not supported.

How long will the 2019 Season Games be available for free?
How do I create an Account?
What types of transactions are supported?
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How will I be charged?
What devices can I watch the service on?
How do I get a refund?
Who do I contact for billing questions?
What is the production quality like?
How do you stream your content?
I missed the live event, can I watch later?
What kind of Internet connection do I need?
How do I Cast the video to my TV?
Are there geographic and/or blackout restrictions?